Awareness is filtering in, and you know that the "more" isn't in another lifetime, but

is right now. However, there may still be patterns from the past, or generational imprints that

tend to "yank" you back into the old version of yourself.


 .....A Return to Wholeness is not just a Retreat.

It is a remembering.

It is an embodiment of the truest version of you.

The one that remembers curiosity, play, bliss, and pleasure.

The version that creates with faith and trust and knows that they can experience anything they want.


I'm an image


The Ascension Retreat focuses on three phases:


Using a variety of somatic and shamanic practices, we will be using:

  • Movement
  • Sound
  • Breathwork
  • Goddess Yoga/Movement
  • Energetic alignment practices that help you come to peace with your wholeness.

Along with the shamanic principles, you will be taught by master facilitators in:

  • Human Design
  • Gene Keys
  • Tantra Practices
  • Blending the Divine Feminine and Masculine
  • Financial Abundance
  • Thriving in Relationships

These tools will help assist your nervous system to help you align back with peace, joy, bliss, and oneness, so you can move from the 3D/5D world and start to live and experience this world in 7D, where your highest and most aligned version is. 

A world past the struggle and strategy- and into flow, trust, creativity, connection, and free from drama.

You will LEARN, but more than will FEEL, and beyond that you will KNOW.

At the end of 4 days/3 nights, you will have experienced the MORE you have always known existed.

And then we will visit online four more times to assist you in integrating this into real life.

These shamanic practices do not use the assistance of anything around you- including plant medicine (no judgment- simply not needed in this experience).

You will use your God-given tools to help assist you in shifting your perception and reality.

Which means you have access to anytime


Wendy Bunnell

My name is Wendy Bunnell. I am a Transformational Advocate, international best-selling author and TedX speaker.

So....what does a transformational advocate mean?

It means that I won’t be the one fixing you.

 You don’t need to be fixed

You simply need to remember and see who you are. My only job is to place the new glasses on your frame of reference and to help you perceive things as they truly are.

Let’s shine a light on the lies and darkness that have built a fortress around you-promising you safety and solace, and resurrect the truth that is inside of you.

In this retreat- I will take you by the hand and show you how to live in a 5D reality - which is your true authentic self. The one that no longer needs struggle and strategy to survive-the one that is urging you to take a chance and discover the truth within. 

Welcome home my friend...


Laurel Huston

Laurel Dawn Huston is an award winning international keynote speaker. She is innovative, passionate, and engaging on stage, with ground-breaking content. She is the creator of Body Mapping, a technique used to identify markers on our bodies that signify gifts, abilities and personality traits. Laurel has worked with 1000s of clients, helping them regain trust with their relationships with time, money, their bodies, and intimacy. She teaches Body Mapping to empower others to reunite with their divine energy... to live a life of tuned in and turned on. 

Body Mapping is the map the universe left on your body to help you remember- you have purpose, you matter, you are enough!

Body Mapping was created through 20 years of study as Laurel earned several college degrees (Psychology, Speech Communication, and Human Development), taught anatomy, body language, energy healing, and followed inspiration. She now uses it to empower and inspire others to discover their highest self.

 Human Design/ Gene Keys Expert 

Brianna Anderson

I’m a Mystic, Visionary, Healer, Psychic and Intuitive messenger for the things that your heart needs to hear in order to open.

Open to life, possibility, trust, and love.

I am here to show you how to alchemize your deepest soul wounds into meaning and purpose. I have the gift of bringing light into the darkest of places so that your heart can experience liberation & freedom! I am here to guide you to a more rich understanding of yourself, so that you can love fiercely and forgive the past. Our generational patterns, traumas, and experiences only repeat until we bring awareness to them.

How can we change a pattern we don’t know we have?
Through our journey together, you will have returned home to yourself. You will begin to blossom in all parts of life.

I am passionate about the information about what makes
you incredibly unique in your own design. Human Design mixed with my intuitive ability to sense what you are experiencing in real time, allows me to bring your awareness to your soul's highest truths.

For this purpose, I know this will bring you more healing, more insight, more compassion for others, and deep trust that we are not all the same. If we do not understand our own gifts, they will become expectations we place on others.
Once you embody the truth of your own make-up, it is a ripple effect on the relationship you have with your partner, your family, your community, your work, your
purpose, and then the world. It starts here with you.

I will guide you through knowledge that validates your desire to be BOLDLY, and COURAGEOUSLY, YOU. Welcome to the journey of authenticity.

Join us in a discovery to you on April 18-21 2024 , in beautiful Ivins, UT

You will be staying in luxury accommodations, served  beautiful food, and experience transformational processes in a sacred space of safety.

Is it possible that you can choose YOU this time?

Because when you choose YOU, you choose everyone.

They get the most alive and free version of you- free from the burdens of the past.

We have space for a total of 24 individuals to choose in. 

We will be staying at the foothills of Snow Canyon state park in Ivins, UT.

The beauty will take your breath away.....

The Arcadia Resort will host this year's retreat. We will be renting two sides so that it will have 10 bedrooms and 10 1/2 baths, along with two private hot tubs, and heated swimming pools.


Prepare to be treated as the royal individual you are....

Each spot is secured by filling out a short form which will allow you to select a 20 minute discussion providing you with all the details you need to make an informed decision. 

This conversation will be the easiest “sales” call you ever experienced. That is because I don’t “sell” anything, we simply let your body and gut help you know if it is a full body hell yes to attend. 

I am honored to have a conversation with you. Fill out the short form now- and we will be meeting soon!